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Dr. Lou gives Utah football a pep talk


All righth, gentlemen! 

Foothball is a battleth of inchthes. You muth head into thith game with the mindthet thath anything is possible. Yeth, your quarterback is outh. Yeth, you're the underdoggggg and yeth you are fathing the very difficult prothpects of lothing thith game. 

Block thath out now. Block it out. Thith game is not going to be decided in the newthpaper or on the twither. It will be decided on the foothball field. 

Know thith, no mather how tough the obsthacle, if you believe in yourthelf, no one can take you down. No one. 

One thime at Notre Thame, we were fathing long oddth. Everyone had witten uth off and I wathed into thath locker room and asthed my theam if they wanthed to forfeith the game. Not one thoul said yeth. Not one. 

Theam is abouth unithy. It just takthes one perthon to believe and then it thnowballs from there. Youth must believe thath.

Now thereth's no doubth Arithona Stathe is a tough opponenth. They're coathed by a man who'th won national tithles. They've got the talenth to compethe at a high level. Buth, I've always believed thath your inner faif, whath's in your hearth and mind, can conquer talenth nine thimes out of ten.

If you believe in yourthelf, you will win. Thath's all that mathers. 

Leth go get 'em!