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Okay, Runnin' Utes, you own this town...

haha, just kidding...

But seriously, Utah basketball is in prime position to offer up some basketball for this sport-crazed town now that the NBA is most likely headed toward cancellation. 

It's not the best season for that honor to be heaped upon the program, since, you know, they're probably not going to be good. But interest should be there, even if only marginally . The added quality of Pac-12 opponents should also offer up more buzz than what we saw last year - especially when you include all the new faces and new coaching staff. 

But, and there is always some important caveat, you've got to win. 

Not a lot, mind you. But enough to keep interest. Especially against lesser opponents like San Diego Christian College, who play in the lowly NAIA and aren't even very good at it. 

This year is going to offer up a great opportunity for Larry Krystkowiak and his coaching staff. With no Jazz five miles west of campus, the basketball-starved community might just look up to The Hill for some action. Now hopefully the product is entertaining, even if they don't win many games.