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They're just so smug with their Aspen, Mork & Mindy and Denver Broncos.

BOO, I say! BOO!

Colorado. Don't get me started. Seriously...don't get me started.

Yeah, don't get me started because, well, I don't really hate Colorado.

Well except the Denver Nuggets.

But that's for another time.

Today, though, is the start of Hate Week, or whatever we're going to call the days leading up to the heated and epic showdown between the Utes and Buffaloes.

Maybe we should call it Snow Week, since both states are known more for their snow than anything else (well, outside John Denver and the Osmonds - Colorado wins that one in a landslide).

Regardless, I guess we're supposed to hate the Buffaloes now. I guess I can do that. Like our past rival, their mascot is an animal. Like our past rival, they have a pretty good football history, but nothing of real merit today. Finally, like our last rival, they have a disputed national championship.

Now the question is, will they, like our past rivals, lord that over our head like the Holy Grail?

That might be key to this whole rivalry thing, since nothing would infuriate Ute fans more than Cougs who would hark back to a better time.


But other than that, can we really hate a program we haven't played in our lifetime?


But we can still have fun.

Colorado, as a state, is easy to mock.

Boulder is rich with humorous potential.

And I'm sure they're thinking the same thing about Utah & SLC.

So let the fun begin.

Here's a start: Colorado is Spanish for 'colored red'.