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What's Steve Brown thinking?

If you've watched Utah's games on KJZZ this season, you'll instantly realize one thing: Steve Brown is an awful, awful sports announcer - maybe the worst in the history of the universe. 

This was reinforced when John White IV straddled the sideline on his way to a very important fourth quarter touchdown. 

Brown, clueless and bumbling, tried to figure out whether or not White was inbounds. Fair enough. Except he questioned, since the field was covered in snow, whether or not the green shown on the field was actual inbounds or not. 


So that got me wondering...what exactly does Steve Brown think about during the football games? 


It's a pretty fair question, since it's obvious he doesn't pay attention to the action on the field. 

Maybe he admires the scenery or a special fan in the crowd. Maybe he's confused and thinks he's calling a Utah Jazz game.

I don't know.

Fortunately, the Wazzu game (I'm sure Brown thought that was a sound one makes while sneezing - so who knows how many times he said, "bless you..." Saturday night) was the last KJZZ game of the season. Hooray! 

But it's not like I won't miss his Brownisms. I won't ever look at an incomplete pass the same way again - you know, without thinking that somewhere in the valley, Brown is screaming at his television, while sitting in his La-Z-Boy, that it's a completion.

Godspeed. Mr. Brown. Thanks for the memories.