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It's very possible Friday John White IV becomes the leading single-season rusher in Utah football history.

White has been, without question, the MVP of the 2011 season. Without him, this team is probably joining Colorado in the cellar of not only the division - but the conference.

So let's honor White in the final home game of the season.


What's a Wolfout?

I don't quite know. It's something I just thought up, so go with it.

Remember how we all donned sombreros for the BYU game in '04? Let's do something like that - but with wolfman masks.

If you have 'em, wear 'em.

If you don't, go see if some costume shop sells 'em on the cheap.

Can't find any, let's make some signs! Wear wolf shirts. Do what you've got to do to support the Wolfman!