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Saturday could be first snow game of the season for Utah

If you're hoping for mild weather Saturday, you probably don't want to read any further.

Saturday, for the first time this season, the Utes could take the snow-filled field in their game against the UCLA Bruins. Even if the snow has tapered off by the time the game starts (4:30 SLC time), temperatures are expected to dip below freezing as the game progresses into the November night. 

Since it is a later start, it's probably smart to bundle up big-time for this game. It certainly will be the coldest, and potentially wettest, game of the season. 

Which could be an advantage to Utah, as the Bruins are probably not too used to playing in colder climates - their home games are played in SoCal, not known for its harsh and cold winters.

Of course, who knows what advantage, if any, this will give the Utes. It's entirely possible this is overstated and the impact is too narrow to register. 

I guess we'll find out. If anything, it should offer up some frozen bodies in the stands. So to keep warm, you all should just stand and cheer nonstop...loudly, I might add.