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Utah basketball shows life, still loses big to BYU

I fully expected a loss today. I also expected a record amount of bloodshed. Fortunately, the latter didn't happen. Unfortunately, the former still did.

But because I really didn't believe Utah had a chance in hell against BYU, the fact they played tough and weren't totally run off the court for a good portion of the game, I find this loss stings far less than it could have.

Now was this just rivalry emotions or the start of some progress? We'll find out against Idaho State, but for now, I'll grasp at any straw I find and at the moment, I'm hopeful that this team can maybe potentially win another game before the season is over.

This game also shows why I hated hearing Josh Watkins was suspended indefinitely and why I'm glad he's back.

So, Utah starts 1-8, but has a real good chance of ending their eight game losing streak next Friday against the Bengals (who are 2-6 on the season).

Hopefully they can do that.