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Who'll replace Norm Chow?


I don't pretend to know who's on Kyle Whittingham's short list to replace Norm Chow, so this really is all speculation on my part. I can only assume Aaron Roderick and Dave Schramm are somewhere on that list, since both are currently on the staff and, prior to Chow's hiring, took turns as the Utes' offensive coordinator.

But it's entirely possible, especially with Utah being in the Pac-12 now, that Whittingham has added some new names to the list.

I don't know how many or who they are...but here's a list I'll throw out just for fun.

Aaron Roderick

Has been coaching at Utah since 2005 and was the Utes' official play caller for part of '09 and all of '10. Under his leadership, Utah went 14-5 and 1-1 in bowl games. Was demoted to wide receivers when Chow came on board earlier this year.

Roderick has had prior experience calling plays outside his time at Utah - in '03, he was the OC for Gary Andersen when he coached a year at Southern Utah.

Dave Schramm

Schramm was originally pegged as the play caller for the Utes after Andy Ludwig left and called the initial seve games of the '09 season. However, prior to the Wyoming game, he was taken out of the box and placed on the field, where he's coached ever since. As the official play caller, Schramm was 6-1. He's currently the Utes' running backs coach.

Tim Davis

Davis has never been a coordinator at the division one level, though is considered one of the best offensive line coaches in the business. At Minnesota, he was the run game coordinator and spent time working with Chow at USC during their run to glory. From 1990 to '96, he worked the offensive line, tight ends and offensive tackles here at Utah.

He was, for a season, the offensive coordinator for Walla Walla Junior College.

Dirk Koetter

This could be a long shot, since he's currently a coordinator at the NFL level. However, he might be looking to get back into the college game (was a candidate for the Hawaii job), has been a solid offensive mind (was the OC at Oregon in the late 90s & really laid the foundation for the Boise State Broncos as head coach there). He did flunk out at Arizona State as coach, but knows the west and, well, we're not asking him to lead the program.

Karl Dorrell

Like Koetter, Dorrell really didn't set the world on fire as a head coach of a Pac-12 institution. However, as I said above, we're not asking him to lead our entire team. Dorrell has been a successful offensive coach for most of his career and is currently the quarterbacks coach of the Miami Dolphins. He knows the west, especially the Pac-12, coaching at Colorado, Arizona State, Washington and UCLA and was the offensive coordinator with both the Buffaloes and Huskies during the 90s.

Billy Gonzales

This should be a familiar name to Utah fans, since he coached special teams and wide receivers here at Utah. He's currently at LSU as their wide receivers/passing games coordinator. He knows the west, having played at Colorado State and coaching here, though most of his time spent has been back east (Kent State, Bowling Green, Florida and LSU).

Andy Ludwig

I'm joking. Maybe. He was our OC for the most successful season in school history.

Mike Sanford

Heh. Sanford was recently at practice with the Utes. He's currently unemployed (forced out at Louisville). Not likely, but thought I'd mention him.

That's my initial list. Let's do a poll and feel free to add names you think I missed.