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Utah basketball woefully bad - worst team in the nation

Utah basketball might not be winning many games, but at least they might have just won the title of worst division one basketball team in America.

I know that sounds remarkable with how many awful teams there are - but realize this: the Runnin' Utes lost, by 30, to a Fresno State team that had losses to the likes of Manhattan, UTSA and North Dakota State. Their 82-52 win mirrors the Bulldogs' 85-55 victory last month over Academy of Art.

Yes, Utah basketball gave Fresno about as much of a fight as what I can only assume is some ninny art school filled with a bunch of delicate minds.

This is a bigger mess than anyone could have ever imagined. Utah is flat out awful. This is the worst team in program history and one that, barring something miraculous, is probably going to end the year with one win.

I don't know how you spin that. I don't know how you come back from that.

I want to have faith in Larry Krystkowiak, but with each mounting loss, I feel we're slipping further and further behind where we need to be to climb out of this horrible hole.

My biggest concern is that, in the end, we'll be so damaged by this season that anything the coaching staff does from this point on will amount to nothing.

Because when you're losing to cellar-dwelling WAC teams by 30 points, you're in a whole helluva lot of trouble.

This is the easy part, folks. Imagine when the Pac-12 schedule starts. It ain't gonna be pretty.

Lord help us.