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National Signing Day is here - is it going to be good for Utah?

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Today is signing day! The future of every football program across this great diverse nation of ours will be held hostage by a bunch of high school kids and, knock on wood, decent fax machines. 

These are the moments that make or break a coaching staff. You don't bring in the recruits, you're not going to win and if you don't win...well I don't need to finish that one for you. 

So, as it is every year, the top recruits will fax in their letters of intent and all will be right with the world. Because these kids haven't played a down of football at the college level! That means the sky is the limit or something. 

For Utah, it's a chance to cash in all those chips from their Pac-12 invite and 10-3 finish last season. 

We'll have updates throughout the day, but if you're really looking for second-to-second news, head on over to Twitter and follow the following accounts: @utahathletics@utezone@insidetheutes, and, of course, @blocku.

The first faxes are expected early in the morning, so if you're up around 8:00 MST, get ready for the first wave. 

After the jump, review potential Utah commits that are, at the moment, currently undecided. 

Andrew Peterson: 4-star OL/TE out of Seagoville, Texas. He has offers from Utah, Arkansas and Texas A&M. 

Probability he signs with Utah: High. Word on the street is that he's leaning toward the Utes. 

Devin Lucien: 4-star WR out of Encino, California. He has offers from Utah, UCLA, Miami, Arizona State and Colorado. 

Probability he signs with Utah: Medium. I honestly don't know about this one. But he's got some good offers and things might be stacked against the Utes. 

Floyd Raven: 4-star cornerback from Reserve, Louisiana. He's currently committed to Ole Miss, but is considering Utah. 

Probability he signs with Utah: Low. It's likely he remains with the Rebels. 

Junior Pomee: 4-star WR out of Moreno Valley, California. He is deciding between Utah & SC.

Probability he signs with Utah: Low. Pomee's father has already announced he's signing with the Trojans. Of course, it's ultimately Pomee's decision and maybe he has a change of heart at the last minute. 

Michael Eubank: 4-star QB out of Corona, California. He is currently committed to Arizona State, though has recently tripped to both Utah and Pittsburgh. 

Probability he signs with Utah: Medium-low. I hold out hope, but it's looking less and less likely that he switches. You never know, though. You can view his decision live at Fox Sports West

Ryan Henderson: 3-star cornerback from Moreno Valley, California. He is deciding between Utah & SC.

Probability he signs with Utah: Low. Even though he's committed to the Utes currently, Henderson & Pomee are a packaged deal. With it looking like Pomee is off to Southern California, expect Henderson to follow. 

Hopefully Utah can land a few surprises tomorrow.