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Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife - it could get ugly as Utes meet Cougs


This game has ugly written all over it. In fact, I fully believe BYU is capable of picking their score and there is probably nothing Utah can do to stop them. 

I hope I'm wrong, of course, but I think you have to go all the way back to 1997 to find a season where the gap between these two programs is this large. Back then, the Cougars were nursing their way through a 1-win season and the Utes were well establishing their best run in school history. 

Utah might not be 1-25 bad - but they're not good. BYU, though, is and unless something goes terribly wrong for them tonight, it's hard to imagine this game even being close, let alone one they lose. 

In that 1997 season, the Utes beat the Cougars in Salt Lake City 85-49. Will BYU best that 36 point margin tonight?