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How do you spell Wyoming? S-W-E-E-P!


Oh yeah! If only we could play the Wyoming Cowboys every week. Alas, they can't and in the entire scheme of things, this win probably doesn't mean a whole lot. 

But it's still nice to snap a losing streak and notch another win - if only for the 11th time this season. 

Of course, had the Runnin' Utes actually lost this game, which they came dangerously close to at times, it would have been utterly demoralizing and it's possible Ute fans would have stormed Boylen's office similar to how revolutionaries are storming the streets in the Middle East. 

And you thought Block U couldn't be topical. We're like the Murphy Brown of the sports world. 

Hey, Murph, you can't blah-blah-blah-blah the Ayatollah

This is as good as it probably gets this season. There are two remaining home games left and it's theoretically possible the Utes could win three more - but Deron Williams has a better shot at Utah Man of the Year than Utah does of actually doing that. 

So enjoy the wins, ignore the losses and count down to the football season.

All in all, for Ute nation, today was a good day.