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Utah is out-pathetic'd by TCU in ugly, low-scoring snoozefest

The Runnin' Utes got a break tonight. Had this game been against any other Mountain West team, they're walking out of the Huntsman Center with a loss. Fortunately for them, the Frogs are abysmal and the worst team in the conference. 

Even then, this was a game the Utes almost lost. It's a win that depressingly feels like a defeat because the team was listless and down right awful for much of the contest. 

It's a win and it counts the same as any other - but you're getting the sense now that Boylen is just going through the motions. How else do you explain nearly getting beat, on your home floor, by one of the worst teams in college basketball? 

How do you explain only scoring 50 points? They had 19 at the half! 

Worse yet, the Huntsman Center feels like a morgue. It's not even remotely electric anymore and that's not going to change until we see major changes.