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Pac12 website owned by Utahn

The Pac-10 will soon be renamed the Pac-12 and with that change of name brings the chance for a new look and, more specifically, a new website. 

The most obvious choice would be However, as I'm sure you're all well aware, that website already exists - as nothing more than a host of links to Tupac CDs and MP3s. 

Certainly nothing anyone would be interested in checking out. 

It's also owned by a Salt Lake City businessman who is now in a dispute with the conference. 

They want the domain for their copyrighted name.

On its face, I can sympathize with Austin Linford. Up until last year, there was no such thing as a Pac-12 conference. He said he created the domain in 2005 - five years before the conference expanded. 

However, if you dig just a bit deeper, there are inconsistencies here. 

For starters, talk about the Pac-10 becoming the Pac-12 has permeated throughout the college football world for years - especially here in Utah. There had been rumblings for a decade more about the potential of the conference expanding to include both the Utes and Cougars.

Even in 2005, it wasn't difficult to see the prospects of that conference expanding to twelve in the near-future. It was certainly not a move that came out of left field for those who had even the slightest awareness of the landscape. 

It's no different than if someone, in 2004, had bought the domain If you had paid attention at all to the events surrounding his speech at the Democratic Convention that year, you would have foreseen a potential presidential run. 

Of course, his excuse for the website's lack of any content the last six years comes down to the poor state of the economy. He was quoted in the Deseret News as saying he bought the domain for a project he was working on called the "Pacific 12" and had delayed it due to the economy. 

Well we all know the economy hasn't been anything great the last few years - but in 2005?

It doesn't jive with reality. 

Especially when the website appears to be nothing more than cybersquatting. If it had actual content, then I'd believe his story. But it doesn't and hasn't in years. 

Then again, maybe I'm just buying the company line because we're now part of The Kremlin and not one of the poor peasants stuck on the outside.