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That's all, folks! Runnin' Utes' season ends in a whimper

I had some hopes that, with the potential of this being Jim Boylen's final game here, Utah would somehow manage an inspired performance and take the far more talented San Diego St. Aztecs to the wire. 

I was wrong.

This game, which was pretty much over before it started, perfectly sums up this season - an unmitigated disaster. 

The Runnin' Utes trailed for most of this contest and set a Mountain West Conference Tournament record for fewest points in the first half (15). It marked an ugly end to an ugly season and an ugly last two years in the conference Utah once exclusively dominated. 

But now they begin their move to the Pac-12 and, unless there is a last minute pardon by the Utah governor, will do so with a new coach. Hopefully a coach who has experience in the Pac-10. 

Tonight, though, should be forgotten. This season should be forgotten. Hell, let's just forget the last six years. 

Utah basketball is in the pits right now. Hopefully that changes. But tonight, we're faced with a lot of questions and doubts about the future of this program.