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Report: Utah and Randy Bennett are in preliminary talks

Utah's next head coach could be Bennett - Randy Bennett, to be specific. 

CSN Bay Area is reporting that Utah and Bennett have entered preliminary discussions on the Utah head coaching job.

Bennett was believed to be a leading candidate for the Runnin' Utes, however, it was unclear if he had interest in the job. This report, though, indicates the two sides met in Las Vegas last week during the conference tournaments for both the Mountain West and West Coast Conferences. 

Though Bennett has denied the report, it should be noted this is the same source that broke Utah to the Pac-12 last summer. 

Is this the first sign we're close to finding our guy? With St. Mary's losing in the NIT Tuesday night, it's very possible we have our answer by the end of the week - if not the end of tomorrow. 

Stay tuned...