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Who'll be the first to move on to the Sweet Sixteen? NCAA Tournament Open Thread

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Tonight, we'll have cut the tournament nearly to sixteen teams. Which is remarkable when you consider that there were 68 teams when we began this journey only a few days ago.

But after today's set of games, most will have already been eliminated. Only a select few will be allowed the chance to continue their season - to continue their championship hunt.

Will BYU advance to its first Sweet Sixteen in 30 years? 

Or will their much talked about season come to an end against future conference mates Gonzaga? 

Can the San Diego St. Aztecs double their program's tournament wins with just one victory tonight? 

We're about to find out.

And in a little over 48 hours, we'll have our Sweet Sixteen.

Today's games after the jump...

Saturday March 19, 2011
Time Away Home National Away TV Home TV
12:15 pm West Virginia #5 Kentucky #4 CBS    
2:45 pm UCLA #7 Florida #2 CBS    
5:15 pm Morehead St. #13 Richmond #12 CBS    
6:10 pm Temple #7 San Diego St. #2 TNT    
7:10 pm Butler #8 Pittsburgh #1 TBS    
7:45 pm Gonzaga #11 BYU #3 CBS    
8:40 pm Kansas St. #5 Wisconsin #4 TNT  
9:40 pm Cincinnati #6 Connecticut #3 TBS