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Randy Bennett likely to turn down Utah job

Rumors are not an easy thing to deal with. Lord knows I had faith in my sources when I posted the story about Randy Bennett and Utah negotiating a contract yesterday.

Unfortunately, these situations are very fluid. Coaches negotiate all the time and pull out at the last second for whatever reason and we're left asking why it went where it did.

That seems to be the case here. Randy Bennett, I believe, was going to be Utah's next head coach. I felt confident enough to report the two were negotiating, even though nothing had been published in the main stream press. This wasn't about me getting in front of the story or trying to drive up traffic to my blog. This was solely about delivering the news I was hearing to the fans that, if they were anything like me, were getting wary of this coaching search.

To be clear, I would not have gone ahead with this story if I didn't feel confident it was going to happen. I was informed from separate parties that Bennett would be Utah's next head coach. It was solid. That information is still solid. 

But because this is fluid, the situation changes and I've been told Bennett is likely to turn down the Utah job. I don't know why he turned the job down or what exactly this means - but the same sources who indicated that Bennett and Utah were in talks, now indicate that he will probably pass on the job. 

So the search continues.