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CBS Sports' Seth Davis: Mark Gottfried is the man to beat for the Utah job

According to a tweet from Seth Davis, Mark Gottfried could be the leading candidate to replace Jim Boylen at Utah. 

Gottfried is the former head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide and has shown interest in the job since its opening a couple weeks ago. Currently, he's a college basketball analyst for ESPN. 

If Gottfried is the man, he would seem to fit what Hill is looking for in a head coach. 

He's a known recruiter, bringing in NBA talent to the Alabama program throughout his decade-long career there.

He's a winner, having won at both Murray State and Alabama. He was the first coach in program history to lead the Tide to the Elite Eight and a number one ranking during the 2003 season (which, coincidently, ended at the hands of the Utes here in Salt Lake City). 

He's won at the Power Level. With Utah moving to the Pac-12, this is an important point because he's proven successful at a big-time college basketball conference (SEC regular season champions in 2005). 

He's got almost a decade and a half of head coaching experience. 

That isn't to say there aren't concerns about Gottfried, though. He had a couple lean years toward the end of his career in Tuscaloosa, which inevitably led to a strained relationship, and he's not known as an Xs and Os guy. 

The latter point can be reconciled by his recruiting prowess. Jim Boylen was supposedly an Xs and Os coach and that really didn't help Utah all that much. 

More impressively, at least in my opinion, is the fact he wants the job and would bring to Utah a far greater resume than any hire the program has made since Jack Gardner in the 1950s.

So Ute fans, would you approve of this hire?