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Is Larry Krystkowiak Chris Hill's leading candidate?

Bill Riley is reporting former Montana head coach Larry Krystkowiak feels he's a leading candidate for the job. 

Krystkowiak even believes it could happen as early as tomorrow. Of course, the quote is fairly vague and I don't exactly know if Krystkowiak believes he'll be announced as head coach, or if Hill will make his hire then. 

Either way, this is the first indication, since the Randy Bennett news last week, that another coach has interviewed for the job. 

I should point out that Krystkowiak was a leading candidate in 2007, but ultimately turned down a Utah offer to become the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. 

That decision ended badly, as he was fired a season later and has been an assistant coach at the NBA level since (he's now currently with the New Jersey Nets).

Prior to taking a gig in the NBA, Krystkowiak was the head coach for the Montana Grizzlies - where he coached for two seasons, guiding them to the second round of the 2006 NCAA Tournament. 

All told, he has five seasons of college coaching experience. Two as an assistant at Montana, one as an assistant at Old Dominion and then his stint as the head man for two years with the Grizzlies. 

He has been out of the college game for five years now and has been a coach at this level for only two years since 2002 (he was the Idaho Stampede's head coach until taking the gig with Montana). 

What do you think of this potential hire? Personally, I think it would be a remarkable failure and I really don't see the justification for firing Boylen when you go out and make a hire like this. It just feels too much like Ray Giacoletti's career prior to landing here at Utah. Well except at least Giac had a steady history of coaching at the college level.

We're banking on a guy who has coached only five seasons in college to rebuild our college program.