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Utes continue basketball search, no new names emerge

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As reported yesterday, New Jersey assistant and former Montana head coach Larry Krystkowiak has emerged as a candidate for the head coaching position. Avery Johnson, the current head coach of the Nets, granted Utah permission to talk with Krystkowiak, though it's unclear if there has been an interview. 

There has been some indication Krystkowiak is the front-runner for the job, however, I continue to be told that, outside a surprise hire like Lon Kruger, former Alabama head coach Mark Gottfried remains the top option for Chris Hill. 

Of course, there is a lot noise out there and it's hard to get a grasp of what is true, what is speculation and what is solely wishful thinking. 

Hopefully today will bring about some definitive answers. I'm getting tired of all this speculation.

So if it came down to Gottfried or Krystkowiak, who would you rather Utah choose? 

I've been pretty straightforward with my feelings toward Krystkowiak. I think the hire would prove too risky and while it could ultimately work out, I would hate to bet on such an unknown. Gottfried has issues himself, but stacked up along side Krystkowiak, I can't help but think he's a better option for the Utes. 

He has 14 years of head coaching experience at the college level to Krystkowiak's two. 

He has 22 years of overall college coaching to Krystkowiak's five. 

He built Alabama into a strong SEC program. Krystkowiak won in the Big Sky. 

He was an assistant for nearly a decade at UCLA. Krystkowiak was an assistant for two years at Montana.

He's only had one losing season in his career. Krystkowiak has zero - but he only coached two years. 

To be fair, Krystkowiak does have some advantages. He did win at Montana. His two-year record there was pretty impressive. He also has NBA experience as both an assistant and as a head coach - though after Boylen, I'm skeptical of pro-experience. 

Montana fans are also more impressed by him than Alabama fans are of Gottfried. 

But in terms of overall success, Gottfried certainly has a stronger and deeper resume. 

That's just how I see it, anyway.