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Blaine Taylor, not a candidate, gushes over Utah job

Far be it from me to tell Chris Hill how to do his job because he's done some great things for the Utes. However, in the wake of these Larry Krystkowiak rumors, I am concerned he could be botching yet another hire here at Utah. 

Don't get me wrong. If Larry Krystkowiak is the guy, I will support him and wish him the best as our next head coach. But he isn't the next coach. Not yet, anyway, and there is still time to go out and find the perfect fit for Utah basketball.

Now maybe Hill believes that guy is Krystkowiak and if he does, then no amount of pleas from the fan base is going to change that. Ultimately, it is his call and he'll either sink or swim with his next hire.

However, I've got to wonder if Hill is doing himself and the program a disservice by not exhausting every single avenue. This is an important coaching search and he needs to make sure the next hire is someone who will not only bring success to Utah basketball, but sustain that success through a competent rebuilding of the program. 

Jim Boylen had a great first two years here. I think if anyone would have said, back in March of 2007, that Boylen would have won 18 and 24 games in his first two years here, which included a conference regular season title and a tournament title, we would all assume he'd still be the Utes' head coach. And if he wasn't, well it was probably because he left for a better gig. 

Boylen's downfall didn't come in his first two seasons. It might have found its roots there, but overall, the program was on far better footing in March of 2009 than it was in March of 2007. Unfortunately, by March of this year, the program isn't at a better point than it was two or three years ago and it forced Hill to make a change. 

So this next hire is going to define the next five to ten years of Utah basketball. Let's be honest here, Hill can't afford another strike. He needs something. Even if that something isn't necessarily a home run. 

Blaine Taylor is not a sexy hire. He is not a guy who is young and flashy and the media darling. He just wins. He won at Montana and he won at Old Dominion. 

He also appears to want the Utah job. 

This article is very interesting on two fronts. The first is that the only job Taylor even discusses is the Utah one. And it's all positive. 

About Utah, Taylor said: "I have a lot of respect for them, going into the Pac 10, which is a league that I've been in..."

Even though his name has been linked to North Carolina State, Wyoming and others, he doesn't single out any one of those programs in this interview. 

I find that very telling. Especially when you couple it with his remarks four years ago when he was a candidate for the job. Hill passed on him and Jim Christian to hire Boylen and I've got to wonder how better off our program would have been had he hired Taylor in '07. 

The other interesting point is that Taylor has not been contacted at all by the Utes. He admits in that same article there has been zero dialogue with Utah. 

And it's not because he's 100% devoted to coaching at Old Dominion. He interviewed with Wyoming earlier this month and if he's willing to interview for that job, you've got to think he's at least interested in Utah. 

Now Taylor would not be my first choice. But he certainly would be a very good one. I find it disheartening, though, that Hill has not even contacted him to gauge his interest. If we're going to hire an ex-Montana coach, Taylor, in my view, is a far better option. 

But I'm not the AD.