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Utah legislature wants to force local teams to play each other

HT to our own daedalus17 for finding this article. 

State Senator Lyle Hillyard, a Republican from Logan, wants to force state schools to play one another in basketball - a move that would be unprecedented locally. 

If they refuse to play local schools, they will be fined by the state. 

"If they’re not willing to help the other schools with economic development and getting big crowds out, maybe they ought to contribute some of the money so it could be spread among the other schools and make up some of that loss."

It's not a surprise the senator pushing for this is from Cache Valley - as the basketball rivalry between Utah and the Utah St. Aggies has essentially been put on the back burner with the Utes' move to the Pac-12. 

I'm not necessarily in agreement with that decision, however, it was one made by both the athletic department and the coaches. It's their program, their team and they should have the right to schedule whomever they like without the legislature sticking its nose into the program's business.

What is more concerning, though, is the potential for this to force even more dramatic changes. First it's basketball, then it's football and who knows - maybe the legislature then demands each of the three major universities play in the same conference.

I doubt it will ever get to that, but overall, the decision would dramatically alter preseason scheduling for Utah basketball. 

Of course, since BYU is not a state-run university, they would be exempt from this law.

That means Utah would be forced to play at least three local games a year. 

So expect, if this law passes, to see more games on the road against UVSC and Southern Utah.