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Utah gains a player and loses its president

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I've been lagging a bit over the last few days updating Block U as I prepared for Easter, so I do apologize. 

During my absence, two stories broke involving dramatically different entities of the University of Utah. 

The first is a pretty big one, as Michael Young, the president of the university since 2004, has accepted the same position at the University of Washington. Young's tenure at Utah ushered in great change. He witnessed the football team bust the BCS in 2004 for the first time and then watched as they did it again in 2008. 

Last year saw the most dramatic of that change, however, as the university accepted a bid to join the Pac-10 Conference. Fitting, I guess, that he would leave Utah for a fellow Pac-12 comrade. 

Young has an impressive resume at Utah beyond athletics and he left the school in a far better state than when he found it. So I wish him nothing but the best. 

The better news is that Utah football received its first commit of the 2012 class. Kiha Sai, a 300-pound offensive guard out of Honolulu, Hawaii, has committed to the Utes. You can view a highlight film of Sai after the jump...

Kiha Sai 2010 Football Highlights (via kamehamehaboy808)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.