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Larry Krystkowiak does not like press conferences

Here's to Larry Krystkowiak coaching better than he gives press conferences. 

If you were hoping for the press conference to win you over, I'm guessing you're probably a bit disappointed right now. It wasn't terrible, of course, but there certainly was nothing in it that makes you want to storm the Huntsman Center and double down on Utah's future. 

But you know what? That's all right. Jim Boylen was pretty energetic and passionate when he was introduced as Utah's head coach four years ago and he kind of fizzled. 

Krystkowiak appears to be a more no-nonsense type of coach rather than one who tries to strike at your emotional cords. 

And maybe that's what Utah needs right now. We've gone down the personable and passionate route with the last hire and it led to failure. 

Of course, it's unlikely his platitudes and cliches are going to excite the fan base. 

So our opinion of him will be formed on the court and not necessarily by what he says and how he speaks.