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Press conference over, how you feelin'?

Larry Krystkowiak's hire as Utah's basketball coach is probably the most divisive hire in the last 30 years of Utah athletics. I can't recall a coach who had more fans concerned or doubting his ability than what we've seen the last three days.

Not even Ray Giacoletti, who, prior to his candidacy for the job in March of 2004 was an unknown, created this much of a stir.

We fans definitely hoped for at least a coach who had more experience than just two years at Montana.

But what is done is done. We're moving on. The press conference has been held and he's now officially Utah's next head coach. There is no backing out of this. He's our guy and, hopefully, he'll continue to be that guy for years to come.

With that said, how do you feel about this hire?

Right now, I'm still underwhelmed. But I have hope he can succeed.

I guess that's all we can do right now.