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Will Clyburn granted a release from Utah

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This is not a surprise, since Clyburn had his foot out the door even before Larry Krystkowiak was announced as head coach earlier this week. 

"Will just wanted to go closer to home. It was really just in the back of his mind that he wanted to go someplace closer," said Brynjarsson in a phone conversation Tuesday. "It really had nothing to do with the coach or Utah or anything like that. The situation that he went into is not the same situation that he had. And with that he felt like he needed to make a change for himself."

It's likely Boylen was the only person who could have kept Clyburn here. However, that's the price you pay when you let a coach go. We all knew there was potential for players leaving and, with how dismal the team looked throughout all of the 2010-11 season, it might not be such a terrible thing. 

Krystkowiak can now bring in someone he thinks is best for the basketball program. 

Best of luck to Clyburn. Too bad it couldn't work out.