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ASU could lose two of its best players for the 2011 season

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This is big news because I think the prevailing consensus out there is that Utah and ASU will battle for the Pac-12 South crown (unless in the unlikely scenario SC gets its probation overturned).

However, the Sun Devils' chances could have taken a huge hit already with the potential losses of cornerback Omar Bolden and wide receiver T.J. Simpson, as both tore their ACLs Tuesday during practice.

ASU has a great deal of talent returning this upcoming season and should still be the preseason favorites to win the Pac-12 South. But this certainly could change that. 

It's an unfortunate development for a football program that really has struggled the past few years. 

Since Dennis Erickson's fantastic first season in Tempe (they won a share of the Pac-12 title), the Sun Devils have struggled, failing to produce a winning season in the last three. This year, though, was supposed to be the season they climbed back to respectability.

We won't know fully how long the two are out, but it's very possible neither make it back for the 2011 season.