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Preston Guiot won't be playing for the Utes next year

Utah will be without the services of point guard Preston Guiot, who announced he will not be returning to the program next season.

He cited the firing of Jim Boylen as the cause for his transferring to Southwest Baptist University, where he'll play under his father. 

This is a continuing trend of Utah basketball players bolting the program since Boylen's departure last month. It's not a surprise, as many hinted at not returning when this all began to unfold and really shows the issues surrounding Boylen's final year as Utah's head coach.

There really didn't appear to be a semblance of a team - just a bunch of players instead.

But that's their choice and I hold no ill will toward them. It's not their fault the last coaching staff failed to build a team environment. If they had, it's very possible the bond between each player and the community is strong enough to keep the likes of Will Clyburn, J.J. O'Brien and potentially Josh Watkins (who's not firm yet on his return) at Utah.

Unfortunately, it wasn't. Instead, there was no reason to stay.