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Utah baseball falls to New Mexico, now officially on the ropes

Utah baseball's hopes of winning the conference tournament took a big hit Thursday night with a loss to New Mexico. The 6-5 defeat was a huge setback as the Utes lose their inside track to the conference championship and now must take on TCU at 4:00 Salt Lake time for a chance to keep their NCAA Tournament hopes alive. 

The Lobos advance to take on the winner of the earlier Utes-Frogs games, which means Utah will not only have to take out a top-ten TCU team they've struggled against the past few years, they'll have to turn around and play another game against a rested New Mexico - who already defeated them once in the tournament.

That's why Thursday's game was so important and, unfortunately, Utah couldn't take advantage of their lower-seeded opponent.

Now hopefully they can do to TCU what New Mexico already did a couple nights ago.