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USC officially stripped of 2004 BCS National Championship

Due to the ineligibility of SC Trojan running back Reggie Bush, the Bowl Championship Series has stripped SC of their national championship from the 2004 season. 

Of course, along with Auburn, Utah was the other team that finished the '04 season undefeated. 

If there was any justice in the world, they would have claim to that national championship. It doesn't work that way, however. It's extremely unlikely the BCS names any team to replace the Trojans as their champion. So it will go vacated in future discussion - and it should be pointed out that the AP, who also selected SC as their champion, still recognizes them as champions. 

Fortunately, unlike in 2004 and 2008, now that the Utes are in the Pac-12, going undefeated should be enough to get them a spot in the championship game. 

So, hopefully we're done with the 'what ifs...' from now on.