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Pac-12 Day

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July 1st will be a monumental day for Utah athletics - it's the day they officially become BCS and join the Pac-12 Conference.

To celebrate this occurrence, the state of Utah will designate the 1st 'Utah Pac-12 Day' and hold a celebration on the lawn of the Utah State Capitol. All Ute fans are invited and admission is free.

If you're in the area on July 1st, definitely stop by and join in on the fun.

Here at Block U, I plan on taking a look back at some of the Utes' biggest and best games against Pac-10 opponents as we lead up to the official day Utah joins the conference. It should be fun and even though the Utes have never belonged to that conference until now, they've certainly played their fair share of Pac-10 programs. 

And many of those games were some of the most memorable in Utah football history. 

So stay tuned...