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Utes sign local deal with KJZZ to air select games for '11 season

Utah football has signed a deal locally with KJZZ to air select games for the upcoming 2011 season. 

It's unclear at the moment what games will be broadcast by KJZZ, however, one has already been selected - the home opener against Montana State. 

This isn't the first partnership between Utah football and KJZZ. Prior to the Mountain West Conference television deal at the start of the 2006 season, the Utes played a few games a season on the network. 

For those who are local, this is good news as it means a great deal more of Utah's football games will be aired. Unfortunately, and expected, the games will not be broadcast nationally. So out of state Ute fans will be out of luck for those games selected to air on KJZZ.

Last week, Colorado signed a deal with Fox College Sports to air some of their games.