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The outside media's take on Utah

Utah's move to the Pac-12 has generated a lot of local buzz. It's also forced other markets, who probably wouldn't think twice about covering the Utes' upcoming season if they were still in the Mountain West, to take a closer look at the program.

It's always fun to see what the outside thinks of your team. Those of us that live in Salt Lake kind of live in a bubble here and we often can fool ourselves into thinking something when reality is completely different.

That's normal, though. It's those outsiders, however, that can keep you grounded. 

With expectations for this season really all over the map, I thought it would be interesting to see what the outsiders think of this upcoming season. 

So, here are a few articles from non-Utah sources on the Utes: 

Now in PAC-12, Utah yet again has something to prove - Idaho Statesman

Pac-12 football: Chow puts pro-style offense on the menu for Wynn, Utes - Arizona Daily Star

Utah buzzing about Pac-12 change - The Denver Post

Pac-12 football: Utah moving to big leagues - Arizona Daily Star