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Latu Heimuli steps in for injured limemen, is promptly injured

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The injury list has grown a bit larger tonight, as Latu Heimuli, who replaced injured Sam Brenner and Isaac Asiata on the offensive line today, will need thumb surgery. 

It's yet another injury for the depleted Utah line and has left the coaches scrambling to plug some holes heading into tomorrow's first scrimmage.

Obviously this news is not ideal. Fortunately, and obviously knocking on wood, none of these are major, season-ending injuries - at least at the moment. Brenner and Heimuli should be good to go at the start of the season.

Where this does become a concern, though, is getting enough practice in so either are ready when the season starts.

Fortunately, the Utes open the season against FCS Montana State. Not to take anything away from their program, but I'm sure even their fans are the first to admit the talent differential between the best FCS schools and a great deal of FBS programs. 

But Utah will be able to ease into the schedule and with these batch of injuries, that's looking pretty good right about now.