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Most anticipated game of '11?

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Unlike last year, Utah isn't opening against a ranked opponent and definitely will be heavy favorites in their first game of the season.

This time last year, though, we weren't certain Utah could beat Pitt. We hoped they could, obviously, but understood, with what they returned and the defensive losses the Utes faced, it was not really anywhere near a guarantee.

Remember, Pitt entered last season ranked 15th in the nation.

Montana State? They're FCS and even though they're a good FCS team, it's hard to overlook that little fact.

We're excited, obviously, but I'm guessing people are only anticipating this game because it's the first on the schedule and not a chance at a statement win.

That comes in weeks two and three and four...and so on.

So what game are you anticipating the most?

This isn't a hey, let's overlook the Bobcats post, we shouldn't, but it's hard to not look at the possibility with the most diverse schedule in Utah football history.

Is it the Pac-12 opener against SC, which could go along way toward legitimizing the program? Is it the BYU game a week later, the first Holy War since both programs left the Mountain West Conference? Is it the Washington game, Utah's first home Pac-12 contest? What about Arizona State or Cal or Arizona?

Maybe it's Pittsburgh?

All good options.

The game I'm anticipating the most? The 2nd game of the season against the Trojans and it ain't even close.

I'm guessing I won't be alone in that thought.

But you never know...