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Two weeks to the season and the offense has a better day

I like this whole starting the season on a Thursday deal. While most other fans have to wait seventeen days, we're only waiting fourteen.

It's like celebrating Christmas three days earlier. Imagine how cool you would have been in your neighborhood if your family did that? 

So we're really almost there. This is the stretch run. Can you believe it? 

Of course, after the offense struggled in the second scrimmage Tuesday, maybe two weeks is not enough time to get out all the kinks before the season-opening contest against Montana State.

Fortunately, even without Jordan Wynn (don't worry, nothing to do with his arm and everything to do with his immune system - he was sick, though I'm guessing some conspiracy theorists out there will believe otherwise...) the offense bounced back nicely and had a better session Wednesday night.

Jon Hays, who now has almost certainly locked up the backup spot at quarterback, had some nice passes in the red zone that resulted in two touchdowns, while Harvey Langi had one of his better days at camp, bulldozing in for a score of his own. 

So, are the Utes ready? Well, you can ask them yourselves! Today marks the first ever Social Media Day for the Utes. 

While not solely for the football team, Norm Chow, Jordan Wynn (unless he's too ill) and Tony Bergstrom will be on hand to answer your questions. You can submit them at 10 a.m. today via Twitter @UtahAthletics & Facebook.

Should be fun as we amp up the final countdown to the start of the 2011 season.