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Wynn returns, offense struggles

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Jordan Wynn returned to the practice field Friday morning, however, the offense struggled yet again, erasing much of the progress that had been made since Tuesday's scrimmage.

Of course, Wynn was off much of the day and that should be expected. He's been ill the past few days and I'm sure he's not feeling pretty hot, even after much rest the last 48 or so hours. Whittingham conceded as much, saying Wynn was rusty for much of the morning. 

But the offense continues to lag behind the defense. 

The Utes will take the field again today for the afternoon session and hopefully the performance is a bit more inspired. Wynn, who's still on a pass count, will participate, but won't pass. 

On the injury front, defensive lineman Lei Talamaivao, who's out with a foot injury, is only expected to be out 2-3 weeks, as further evaluation found nothing serious with his injury, so he won't need surgery.

Tauni Vakapuna sat out the day with a swelled knee, but should be back soon.