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One week from football

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It's pretty remarkable how time flies. It feels like only yesterday Norm Chow was joining the staff and Utah football quickly waltzed into the offseason on a high note after an embarrassingly bad performance in the Las Vegas Bowl (or whatever the hell they call that thing now-a-days). 

Now we're a week away from seeing if Chow can live up to all the hype and whether or not Jordan Wynn is ready to lead this team. He says he is, the coaches believe he is (even Chow's saying he reminds him of Ty Detmer - I bet that gets under Cougar fans' skin), so I'm assuming he will. 

But we'll find out soon enough, even if the opponent is Montana State, a program not even at the FBS level.

Of course, there were teams Utah faced last year that, though not entirely, were somewhat on the level of these Bobcats (I'm thinking Wyoming) and in that game, Wynn looked, quite frankly, bad.

So we should at least get some idea of how good this offense is, especially since Montana State is no slouch. They're an established and successful program in their own right, making the playoffs last year.

What should we expect a week from today? Well nothing short of a sizable win. I'm not trying to disrespect the Bobcats, who took Washington State to the wire at the start of last season in Pullman, but I think we'd all be disappointed if this game wasn't decided entering the fourth quarter.

What are your expectations for Thursday?