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Utes ready for fall camp to start

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And so am I. 

Utah football kicks off fall camp today and that pretty much means we're in the final lap of the offseason. You can already hear the band playing Utah Man.

Soon, Rice-Eccles Stadium will be filled with red-clad Ute fans cheerin' on Utah in their inaugural Pac-12 season.

I can't wait. 

The U, in anticipation for the start to camp, has released its roster for the year and Po'u Palelei is listed. 

Benji Kemoeatu, however, is not. And, as much as we hoped he would find his way onto the field this year, he ain't. 

Kemoeatu faced similar issues at West Virginia, so it isn't a surprise. The guy is as elusive as D. B. Cooper. Also listed on the roster are Shawn Asiata and Tauni Vakapuna, so that's good news. 

Beyond just who's on it, the first thing I noticed is how few seniors Utah really has. Only fifteen of 105 players listed are ending their careers this winter. 

That's a spectacular number and means the Utes could be set for the next few years. As much as we look at 2011 being a big year, 2012 looms as potentially the biggest. 

Of course, a lot can change - players can leave and the team can regress greatly. 

But for now, the future is looking mighty good. 

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