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Anthony Denham injury more serious than initially thought

So much for no serious injuries. 

Anthony Denham, who injured his hamstring during yesterday's start to fall camp, is now expected to be out for weeks, Whittingham told reporters today. The damage is more significant than initially thought. A return date has not been listed, but it's likely he misses most, if not all, of camp. 

With the downer news out of the way, day two went pretty well for the football team. After a great deal of dropped passes yesterday, the receivers were far better today at handling the ball. That's good news, specifically since an offense is pretty dependent on the receiver catching the ball.

The biggest battle in fall camp is certainly that of running back. Currently, it's wide open between Harvey Langi, John White and Thretton Palamo and there appears to be no separation at the moment. 

"They're all three working hard," said head coach Kyle Whittingham. "We're really not going to be able to separate those guys until we start getting some physical contact going."

Of course, Utah returns zero rushing yards this season. So this is an important battle to keep an eye on and will definitely play a role in how far Utah goes this season. 

Outside the Denham news, camp is going about as well as could be expected. It's a shame he'll sit most of it out with injury, though Whittingham noted there are more tests to be run. But at the moment, don't expect him back until at least the end of the month.