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New uniforms: Yay or nay?

You've seen the uniforms (at least you should have, if not, I'll provide some photos and a video), you've been able to compare them to last year's and by now, I'm sure you've formed at least somewhat of an opinion.

So, yay or nay? More after the jump...

As much as I don't like the all-red look, I do like these uniforms. They're sleek. Well, I thought I did until I saw this photo:


Then I thought it looked like Percy Taumoelau had gone through a massive growth spurt in the seconds it took him to try on the uniform.


Of course, Joe Smith looked pretty snazzy, at least from the back, in his uniform:


And then I saw this video, with actual movement, and I liked 'em a bit more.

University of Utah - Football Media Day - Behind the Scenes clips (via uathletics)

If anything, at least they're not Louisville's new uniforms...


So, what do you think?