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Utes in pads for first time

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Utah continued its second week of practice today by donning pads for the first time. 

Nothing really eventful to report from practice. Jordan Wynn once again took it light today, as the coaches don't want to overwork his arm. This gave his backups Tyler Shreve and Jon Hays a chance to take most of the reps. By all accounts, Hays, who just joined the team, has made an immediate impact and is quickly solidifying his spot as the number two quarterback heading into the season.

Shreve, though? Well, like in spring, he continues to struggle. But it's good to see Utah has found, apparently, a serviceable quarterback to backup Wynn if he goes down at some point this season.

There is still no clear separation between Utah's three running backs, though John White had the best day according to reports. 

The only injury today was from Sam Brenner, who bruised his forearm, so I don't expect that to be anything major. 

Tomorrow marks the first two-a-day for the Utes and their first scrimmage will happen on Thursday.