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Week three BlogPoll ballot

Been AWOL the last two weeks, even though I've filled out the ballots. Anyway, feeling recharged and ready to get your input on this week's ballot. Together, hopefully we can create the perfect top-25! 

I'm still not sold on having a ballot drafted only three weeks into the season, but it is what it is and we'll go with it. 

Because it's still early, there isn't much to go on for a lot of teams. In fact, most teams haven't played anyone tough and because of that, there are a lot of gaudy stats and perfect records. Even so, some programs haven't looked perfect, or even good, in some of their wins. 

Regardless, as I said, there's not much to go on and because of that, we're only basing these picks on a small smattering of games and what we expect these teams to do. 

Florida looks good - but who have they played? 

Exactly. The ballot and my picks after the jump...

I'm sold on LSU. They dominated a good Oregon Ducks team and then went on the road and beat a ranked Miss. State program that is clearly on the upswing. On resume alone, they've done more than any team in the country and that includes Oklahoma, who went on the road and beat a top-five FSU program this past Saturday.

Alabama comes in second, though I thought about moving OU up a spot. I'll let you guys decide who deserves that spot. 

Beyond those three teams, I'm not sure I see another program that you can bank on contending for the national championship the remainder of the season. Boise State didn't look dominant against Toledo and their schedule lightens up heavily the next few weeks. Stanford, while looking good in a win over Arizona, still has some kinks to work out. Wisconsin and Nebraska are two teams that could make some noise once the conference season starts rolling around, but neither have done enough to really impress me. 

You'll also notice I moved Utah into the rankings, putting them at 21st. I think I can, at this point, justify such placement. Seeing as I had Texas ranked last week and Utah beat the Cougars by a far wider margin than the Longhorns (and on the road to boot), it only makes sense to move Utah in and ahead of 'em - even if Texas is undefeated. Of course, they're behind the USC Trojans, who knocked off Utah after blocking a game-tying field goal as time expired. The Trojans are sixteenth, which might be a bit generous, but, as I've said, it's still extremely early to really take any of these rankings seriously. 

So, what do you think? What should we change?