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The beauty of the unexpected

I don't think anyone expected a 54-10 rout Saturday night. It might be the most unexpected outcome in the rivalry's history since the Utes dropped 57 on BYU in 1988. 

Generally, these games aren't blowouts. Normally, they come down to the fourth quarter, a final play and a few sequences that ultimately decide the game. Saturday, this one was over pretty much at the start of the third quarter. In fact, I don't know if a game against the Cougars has been so quickly decided in either's favor so fast in the last 20 or so years. Even in 2004 and 2008, BYU put up more of a fight and kept things interesting for a bit before wilting away.

Not so Saturday. The Utes completely dominated the second half. The sold out LaVell Edwards Stadium crowd sat stunned for most the game and you've got to wonder if it left Mr. Edwards himself wishing the stadium didn't bear his name.

Certainly this was the worst performance BYU has experienced at home since Edwards' first season in 1972 and that includes the three-year stretch of awfulness that defined the Gary Crowton era. 

It was the worst loss to Utah in modern rivalry history. 

And when this game kicked off around 7:20 Saturday night, I don't think anyone thought such a thing could happen. 

Now the Utes have momentum heading into their bye week (and the home conference opener against Washington) and the Cougars are left with a lot more questions than they had before this massacre began.