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Utes receive votes in this week's BlogPoll

Routing your rival 54-10 is good for a few laughs and a year's long worth of smack talk, but that's about all it'll get you. 

The Utes, who are 2-1 on the season, with their lone loss coming to a ranked USC Trojans team, received votes in this week's BlogPoll, though were still well behind other programs that are either undefeated or rocking a similar record.

I'm not too surprised, of course. At 2-1, there is justification from excluding them. However, it's a bit surprising that Texas, who barely beat the Cougars by one at home, can be ranked 20th - but Utah is all the way down at 36th - behind programs like FIU, Iowa State, North Carolina and Miami. 

Utah did receive eight votes, with their highest coming at 17th.

With the Utes now enjoying a bye week, I doubt they move into any top-25 next week. But a win over Washington should do the trick when they return to action next month.