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Could this be the first indication the Utah-BYU rivalry is dying?

Boise State and BYU announced today the signing of a twelve-game series that will begin next year. It's a huge deal that will span at least a decade and might indicate a monumental shift in the rivalry game between the Utes and Cougars.

Though there is still the possibility of BYU and Utah agreeing to a deal, especially if the Cougars remain independent for the foreseeable future, it is interesting that, a couple weeks after several subtle hints were dropped from Utah's side that the rivalry might not continue beyond the two-game series already scheduled, the Cougars turn around and invest in a multi-year series with the Broncos. 

I could be reading way into things here and that wouldn't be the first time. However, it's rare you ever see two programs make such a commitment to scheduling - unless they're rivals.

Could Boise State be BYU's new rival?