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Media not impressed with Utah

For three years, the Utes were a staple in the top-25, only spending a week or two on the outside during part of the '09 season. However, for the first time since 2007, the Utes don't find themselves ranked either at the start of the season or after week one and, unless they beat SC, could spend most of their inaugural Pac-12 season unranked. 

Utah began the season ranked 30th, however, after last week's performance, dropped five spots and were passed in the poll by Maryland, BYU, Iowa and Houston. 

All that after a win. 

Their opponent this week, SC, fell from 25th to 28th - making the first Pac-12 game ever a contest between two unranked teams. In fact, only Stanford and Oregon are ranked now and the Ducks fell ten spots to 13th after their loss to LSU Saturday. 

Can the Utes reemerge on to the national stage and find their way into the top-25 with a win Saturday? It's possible - but don't expect it. 

Right now, the media isn't sold on Utah or the Pac-12.