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Four weeks later, still no offensive coordinator

Utah's search to replace Norm Chow continues to be painfully slow. Outside last week's news that Gary Crowton interviewed for the job, there has been a blackout of information.

No hint of any other candidate - or even an end date to this decision.

What we do know is that the potential (read hopeful) list of candidates is slowly being whittled down by outside sources.

Mike McCoy, who was Utah's quarterback in the 1990s and a dream candidate of sorts, could be the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Dirk Koetter was just hired by the Atlanta Falcons as their new offensive coordinator.

Steve Fairchild, whose name was batted around after he was fired by Colorado State, is now an offensive assistant with the San Diego Chargers.

Last month, I asked readers who they wanted to replace Norm Chow and the favorite, though with a plurality of support, was Aaron Roderick. It seems, at this point, if it were Roderick, he would have been named already. Maybe that isn't the case and he'll still be the next offensive coordinator, but why the long wait? It's not like promoting Roderick will negatively impact recruiting like passing him up could (which might be the reason they're waiting until after signing day).

Regardless, the lack of names is a bit surprising, especially when, a few weeks ago, Kyle Whittingham hinted that a good number of candidates had shown interest in wanting the job.

Weeks later, and only Crowton's name has been linked to the position.

Either Whittingham is good at keeping things under wrap or we've been had.

Regardless, it's likely most the names mentioned initially are not realistic candidates. My guess, from what I've heard, though nothing definitive or concrete, is that the candidates are probably still Roderick, Crowton, Mike Sanford (though, with the turbulent relationship between Whittingham & Sanford, this seems unlikely), Robert Anae and Steve Kragthorpe (I've heard he's rejuvenated since taking a demotion at LSU to deal with his Parkinson's). But, without any real information out there, it's possible none of these candidates are realistic options and merely smoke screens.

If I had to take a guess, Whittingham has his guy and is just waiting for signing day to come before making an announcement so that recruits don't waver. Of course, I question that practice considering it sounds a bit dishonest, especially if they're openly telling recruits Roderick will be here next year, which isn't a guarantee if he isn't promoted to the offensive coordinator position.

Of course, it's entirely possible Whittingham just doesn't have a guy yet and is thoroughly vetting the candidates and is too busy shoring up the final weeks of recruiting to be bothered with going through the process of naming a new coordinator at this time.

So, who knows. I'm guessing, though, if Whittingham does make an announcement soon, and it's Roderick, the feeling is going to be underwhelming - even if, last month, most fans here voted for him.