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No one likes the waiting game.


Tom Petty hated it. I hate it. You hate it.

But what're you going to do about it? It's now been over a month since Norm Chow officially became Hawaii's next football coach and, outside hearing Gary Crowton's name linked to the job, nothing of note has transpired since.

We've gone over how painfully slow the search has become and I think it's time to concede that Kyle Whittingham will only make a hire after signing day, which is next week.

When Whittingham hinted at the possibility of this going into February, a great deal of us scoffed and yet, here we are, only days away from the end of January - and Chow left in December!


It doesn't help Utah is one of the few holdouts without a coordinator, as even Auburn hired Scott Loeffler, the guy who was Tim Tebow's quarterbacks coach at Florida, to replace Gus Malzahn, who was hired by Arkansas State just a few days before Chow bolted to take the Hawaii job.

So, I guess the wait continues and hopefully there is a method to this madness...because the longer this search goes on, the more anticipation builds for this hire.